Progressive Solutions does not act as a separate entity from the provider, we serve as your extended business office.

Since each provider and/or practice is unique, we customize our Medical Billing Services to meet your individual needs. Having your information emailed, faxed, or courier pick-up.  The following includes all or some of the services provided, depending on your individual needs:

 Data entry - we obtain information from the provider and/or practice and enter this information into our database.

 File claims - most claims are filed electronically and only a few will go on paper. This is dependant upon the insurance carrier the claims are going to.

 Statements - are mailed out from our office on behalf of your practice or facility. The protocols of statements and collections are done specifically to your specifications.

 Payments - as we receive payments and explanations of benefits from you, we post these in to our database. Each EOB will be audited for correct payment and/or benefits.

Appeals - if a payment or denial has been made incorrectly, we challenge the insurance companies to receive the correct reimbursement for you.

 Key Services:

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