Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can you start?
One day if necessary, however we prefer 1 week to ensure the smoothest transition.

Where do the reimbursements from insurance carriers go?
All reimbursements are sent directly to you. Progressive Solutions will receive no payments from insurance carriers or patients. We do need a copy of the EOB for posting payments to patient accounts.

What documentation is required to file a claim?
We must receive a completed superbill or spreadsheet containing some of the following information:

Patients name - Date of service - Name of insurance carrier - CPT Codes - DX Codes

How will documentation get to your billing agency?
We can receive information via fax, first-class mail, e-mail or we can arrange courier pick
up (if in a local area).

How often are our claims processed?
Usually within 24-48 hours of receipt. - We use the most recent version of Medisoft Advanced Patient Accounting.

What are your rates?
The provider chooses an option that best fit their practice needs.

Will claims be filed electronically?
Yes, for those carriers that accept electronic billing /we will bill all primary and secondary insurance companies

Are all unpaid claims followed up? (Depending upon Billing Package)
Yes. Progressive Solutions follows up on every claim until it is paid and makes the necessary amendments for future reference.

How often do you send patient statements? (Depending upon Billing Package)
Statements will be sent every 30 days until the account is paid.
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