About Us

Progressive Solutions technology matches the power of the insurance companies and creates a cost-effective solution to medical billing.


Our Qualified Staff

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Memberships in professional health organizations
  • Maintain comprehensive knowledge specific to the health care industry
  • Attend insurance billing and coding seminars as well as HIM conferences to manage certifications
  • Professional and precise support for your practice.


Leadership Team

Industry professionals - savvy entrepreneurs form the core of our leadership team. They have years of relevant experience and proven track record in healthcare, education, consulting, outsourcing, finance and general management. At the helm of Progressive Solutions are the following people: 

Director of Billing
(678) 894- 4900 ext. 4
(678) 615-7963 fax

Office Manager
Billing & Coding Specialist

(678) 894- 4900 ext. 3
(678) 615-7963 fax

Chief Financial Officer
Director of Marketing & Sales
(678) 894- 4900 ext. 5
(678) 615-7963 fax